God Saved Me

I was born and grown in St. Elizabeth. As a young man growing up i loved church, but then i was just a church goer. I was very active in church,( Moravian). I loved church it was a joy to be there on a Sunday morning for Sunday school. at the time i was living with my grand aunt, i would see my mother every now and again because she was living in Montego bay St. James.

I left my grand aunt to live with my Grand mother at the age of 8, and i believe this was where my journey started.

At grandma life wasn’t the same as at my grand aunt, reasons I had no one to play with i was not allowed to go on the road to play or anything of that sort. Life wasn’t the best because my Grand mother was not rich and my mother had it hard too. Going to school I use to bring lunch and when i did not i would get $50 to pay for canteen lunch. I would get a beaten from my grand mother actually every weekend, well i was rude in a sense,( come home from school late, spend late time on the road when I go to the Shop etc). I was not the favorite grandchild, to me I was the least of all 8. Still life continued i passed my GSAT to go to Anchovy High in St. James.

Here a complete new life style was taken on. Now i was living with my mom in St. James thinking that life would be better, even though she had two of us to take care of who were living under her roof at the time. My aunt who promised me she would help me when I started high school only bought me a pair of uniform. Here with my mom things were the same as at grandma I got beaten for every mistake every late evening home from school, if i was caught on the road by my mom it would be beaten when we got home, but through all of that i endured.

Going to school was challenging at times because of financial problems, there were nights when all we had before going to bed was a glass of water and maybe a snack. Didn’t have a father to support me, will talk about him another time.

Oh by this time church was not a priority any more. I started smoking and drinking a lot going to small parties even big ones depending on friends. there was a point in my life where i felt neglected, rejected, unwanted, and frustrated. I felt valueless like i was the least among both family and friends. I met a friend who became a big brother Never had who would ensure that I am doing ok to some extent. But still there were financial problems I would sit up sometimes and watch my mother cry herself to sleep trying to figure out how we are going to make it through the next day. I tried saving but was robbed out of it, I started scamming and I was very good at it but I always say its not my way out of poverty, so i would do it every now and again. I was called dog, jangcro, cruff, wuthless boy,good fi nun and all the others you can think of. I was told that I would never come out to be nothing in life and all the other bad things you can think of, yes I was told.

There are times when i would sit down and think on it and wonder will I ever be anything i was confuse i felt stressed out. I tried as hard as i could to please mother but it never worked, I would still be the little boy who just deserve to get lick and who must not be allowed to go any where. In school i wasn’t doing well academically but i tried keep up from 7A2 to 8A3 to 9A3 10A3 and 11A3. My favorite subject was math i refuse to get a low grade in that but still things were not going well. Got signed for 5 subjects paid for 4 and didn’t do any. many might be wondering why but I was afraid to let anyone know what i was going through so i would put on the pretty face and all to make it look as though all is well even when I am dying inside.

After leaving school i met a young lady who kinda gave me some hope helped me to believe in myself a little bit, but didnt last for long. still trying the fast cash business. At the age of 18 i left my mothers house because she was living with a friend who regarded me not. who also thought that I was wuthless and I was a cruff and a good fi nun ole bwoy. So i went to live with a friend at first everything was going good until i met a Girl from Trelawny  that i decided to settle down with. At my friends house I use to sleep in their couch, I was very grateful to them i respected them, but as it is said All good thing must come to an end. I met this girl on FACEBOOK, and we started dating she would come over to spend time with me and all, never told her that i slept in a couch. My friends got jealous and called her and told her alot of things about me and from then she say I was not been honest with her that tore our friendship apart so even though i was still in their house i had them up in my heart. I stopped going out with them I stopped chilling with them i was all about my own business. They treated me like a nobody at times my friend who I was the one who helped Him to make millions turned his back on me.

I am a fighter because God had a plan for my life. There were times i felt like giving up because the pressure was too much. To make things worse his nephew wanted me out of their house before the ending of the year 2012 now all of this was taking place during the time from October of the same year. Well my friend girlfriend was not up for that so she stood by me, and tried encouraging me and stuff. Now in the December of that same year i went to a party with my them and on our way back we met in an accident. That night I should have been dead but i came out of that accident without a scratch on my body ( Thanks be to God). That incident opened my eyes and i was ready to start a new life all over again. A friend of mine told me about a job opportunity and how i could do a test and do training and i would have a chance of getting a job. I went ahead and did the test they told us they would call us back and that gave me Hope. One night after a game of football a so called friend of mine tried to insult me because of where I was staying and tried throwing my clothes outside, that night i decided not to be insulted or humiliated by friends any more so i called my mom telling her am coming home she says no problem.

Two weeks after moving back into my mothers place (and yes the same friend was there, but i stayed out of her way) I got a call from Sandals Royal saying I must come for an interview. now i was going back to church and all trying to get things right again because i was desperately in need of help. Told my church family about it (Missionary church) and they prayed for me. On the day of the interview i was late when I finally reached one of my shoe bottom fell off, I tried putting it back on but a lady who was working there at the moment said that should tear off the other one and go do the interview, and I did. Even though I was like 2 hours late i got through and I passed the interview. Started training not been paid had to find fair every day to go to work sun shine or rain, many nights I would walk home after the bus leaves me off down town montego bay, because i was living in Catherine Hall St. James. Sometimes minutes to 12 midnight i would be walking home all by myself under the protection of God. I went through this for six weeks. Got the job after i was training and then i forgot about church. Sunday morning instead of going to church i would be going home from a party. About 3 months later I was placed on a work break and never got called back.

Now for the life changing experience. My neighbor invited me to a crusade that was keeping at her church which is now my church too. Every time she invited me I would tell her tomorrow, until one day i told her that I will come the last night. Only to find out that on the last night my mother will be getting baptized, so that made it even more interesting for me to go. Went to church enjoyed the sermon now at the last part of the service where the baptism is been done. After all the converts were baptized the Pastor made a last call, in my mind was a tug of war one saying go and another saying sit. Well which one I listened to the one that said go, I got baptized that same night JULY 07 2013 and from that day my life has never been the same. I am now a second year first semester student at the Assemblies of God Bible college.

And all though there are still rough times I continue to trust God, because the same God He was then He is the same God now. And just as His words declares that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So don’t count your self out people may see you as the least but God has bigger and better plans for your life all you have to do is trust Him.