God is Good


It’s often said that God works in mysterious ways His wonder to perform, but the BIG question attached to that line is how it relates to my life? It all starts with me entering this world because when I was born I was premature, my lungs weren’t fully developed and so I had to be placed in an incubator. At that stage life wasn’t sure because it was reliant on a machine that would help my lungs to finish developing to the stage where I would get to breathe on my own. 21 Yrs have passed since and I am a living testimony of God working in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. It’s been years since I have gone to a hospital for anything major and that says a lot to me. When I stop and think about God’s goodness towards me I know that I am blessed…. The song that resonates in my heart on a daily basis is God has been good to me I can’t complain. He has given life to me…..God has been good to me I just can’t complain.  So if for any reason you are thinking about giving up on life start counting your blessings regardless of how small and you will realize that there’s more to life that giving up.