Could Have Been Dead BUT God

untitledI’m Still Alive

God kept me. He has never forsaken me and He will never leave me. Anybody that knows me, knows that I love to be involve in church activities. In fact, I have made a commitment to myself that I will enjoy my life in church and not go into the world to have fun. But have fun in the presence of the Lord.

So about two years ago, a Friday night, I went to youth ministry (Christ Ambassadors’). Our activity for that night was to make a pizza from “scratch.” Unaware that it would take like forever to finish being that it was our 1st time making a pizza from the doe straight to the finished product, we started at 4:30pm.

My brother who does not frequently attend church much less CA’s (Christ Ambassador’s) came along to help because he had just learnt to make doe for pizzas, cinnamon breads and etc… in Food and Nutrition class. Anyways we finished the pizza which tasted incredible at around couple minutes after 10pm.

Because it was so late, after everyone got their slice of pizza, we were ending straight home until I remembered that we did not pray. I immediately told the youth president and we called in back the youths for prayer.

After we prayed and dismissed everyone, it took a while for me to get taxi to go home. My brother and I did not got a drive until minutes to 11pm.

When we reached our destination, we had to walk up a hill for about 3 minutes before we reached home. While we were walking up the hill, we saw a man in a white shirt coming down and stopped in a dark corner. We never paid him any mind because most of the young people in that community are normally in dark corners plus “we knew all of the members in the community.” When we reached the dark spot to pass the man, he stepped out in front of us holding a silver gun towards us.

I was so frightened……. Heart pounded faster more than ever…. Didn’t know what to think, what to do…….. I literally stood there couldn’t move nor could not tell the man that we had no money. The only thing I could do was say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus continually in my mind.

My brother…. Who is younger than I walked up to the man with the gun just inches away from him and said, “good evening”……………. I was like….. what the hell???? Boy don’t you see he has a gun??? But I was still saying Jesus in my mind.

The man after a few seconds after my brave brother spoke to him, gently put the gun up and said….. “unu good” and walked off. If there was any time that I have given God thanks and praise, it was at that moment.

We reached home safely thank God but I began wonder, what would have happened to me if my brother wasn’t there and I had to walk home by myself. Matter of fact, my brother wasn’t going to come the night because he doesn’t normally come out the house. But thanks be to God great things He has done. Maybe I would have been raped with my neck sliced like what has happened to some young girls. But I thank God for His love and mercies towards my life.

I just want to encourage someone that God loves you with an everlasting love and he cares for you. He said that He won’t forsake you. He always there for you when you call Him. A song writer said whisper His name and He will answer, call out His name and He will come to you and shout out His name and He will run to you. Whenever you’re feeling fearful just call upon the name of Jesus.

-Empress Kimmy